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by Federico Fasce on 21 October 2010

So, I found myself in this need to learn at least some XCode. I would like to grasp the basics, and maybe to use some Cocos2D for prototyping purposes, so I’m right now fighting with my coder side.

Sometimes it’s difficult. Sometimes it’s just frustrating. But I need to do it, at least for myself. Even if my ideal world would be coding basic game mechanics with LUA (which I still need to learn, but I think i can manage) while a real coder takes care of all the rest. And I need a lot more time to read what really interests me about game design.

That said, I’m finding a bit hard to be a game designer here in Italy. Very few people know how a game is made, and everyone seems to have his wonderful idea. So I often end up being the guy who puts together someone else’s idea (which sometimes is good, sometimes is just lousy, but never is negotiable). It is good, it is really teaching me so much. But it’s also a lot frustrating, because I never get to be the guy who designs game mechanics to make the player feel an emotion, or to tell him something I care.

If you know how to solve this conundrum, any advice is appreciated.

Luca Mearelli October 22, 2010 at 07:58

I don’t have answers about the game design environment here in Italy, I’m a coder guy myself, and I’ve barely started to understand what’s inside the craft of game design… anyhow have you tried to find some coder who’d be interested in doing something together? I know many developers think they can do everything on their own, I fall into this as well more than i like to admit; but I guess there are at least some out there willing to work on interesting and fun projects (ahh if only i were enough skilled on xcode…)

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